Forest Dry Gin Quersus

Forest Dry Gin Quersus

A new, special edition, gin from Forest Spirits. This exceptional spirit is created by maturing Forest Dry Gin Autumn for 1 year in oak wine casks from the world’s most famous Sauternes winery. The extraordinary marriage between Forest Dry Gin Autumn — with its notes of pear, lavender, and tangerine - and the noble sweetness imparted by the Sauternes barrels produces a sophisticated gin of remarkable distinction: Quersus.

Each bottle of this limited edition has been hand-painted and numbered (001-999) by aquarelle artist, Valère Maenhout.

Alcohol percentage: 
50 cl

The complexity of the Autumn is definitely noticeable, but ageing in oak casks has greatly softened and refined the flavours, resulting in a more complex palate that introduces unfamiliar flavours into the gin - reference to eau de vie would not be out of place.

Perfect serve: 

Try Quersus in 2 different ways:

  1. Gin & Tonic with ice, decorated with orange zest
  2. Eau de vie” at cellar temperature 14-16 °C