Forest Dry Gin Valentine

FOREST DRY VALENTINE GIN®, on the basis of 15 aphrodisiac herbs, is produced with fresh herbs, elderflowers & woodland strawberries that are homegrown and harvested on our farm – 100% biological. We first macerate and then distill them – arranging the herbs in two layers at the top of the still boiler to produce extra intense aromas.

Once we have brought the gin to the desired proof with mild grain alcohol, we let it rest for several weeks to marry the distinctive aromas and flavours.

Forest Dry Gin Valentine

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Alcohol %



50 cl



Taste profile

The inspired combination of the freshly picked elder- flowers and the woodland strawberries produces a subtle perfume with floral highlights that evokes thoughts of Spring and Summer and the nearness of new romance.


La Hanoudière France
Creative Forest Dry Gin Valentine Recipe

Perfect serve

Muddle 6 strawberries with 2 teaspoon of sugar, add rose water and a pinch of salt. Stirr and divide the juice equally among two glasses. Fill glasses with ice and add 2 shots of Forest Valentine’s gin to each glass. Top off with club soda (or sparkling water). Add strawberry to garnish and enjoy the love! Read the full recipe over here on our website.

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