Forest Negroni

FOREST NEGRONI® is a sophisticated cocktail made of Forest Dry Gin Winter, Forest Vermouth and homemade bitters. This pre-blended cocktail is then matured in casks from the most prestigious Pomerol winery in Bordeaux.

The interaction amongst the spirits and the ageing in the casks create an amazing complexity that you can never duplicate simply by mixing the Negroni ingredients.


Additional information

Alcohol %



50 cl



Taste profile

The perfect Negroni has a broad palette of flavours, accented by the bitterness of the Forest house- distilled bitters. Complexity is its strong suit, thanks to the vermouth – and the Winter gin gives the cocktail its freshness.


La Hanoudière France
Forest Gin Negroni

Perfect serve

Fill a tumbler glass with ice, pour 5 cl Forest Negroni over the ice and garnish with a zest of orange.

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